My Top 10 Tips & Tricks Lower Airfare

On planning my trip to Asia I was very wary of spending too much money before I had even arrived. So when it came to booking my flights I knew I had to find the most affordable price out there. Even if that meant using low-cost, budget airlines, taking indirect flights or walking it.

If you do enough research, as I found out, you can save money up to triple figures on long haul flights from and around Asia.

It’s true, searching for the most affordable airfares online can be a difficult and tiresome ordeal and considering the amount of airlines, travel agents and travel compare websites out there competing against each other throwing last-minute deals at you, there is an overwhelming number of options for you, but how to find the best one?

Well, here are my Top 10 Tips & Tricks to finding the most affordable airfares online:

1. Don’t always rely on Travel Compare websites to give you the best or cheapest available flights, because there are more affordable flights out there. Trust me, I’ve found them!

2. If you are going to rely on them then refresh the search several times throughout the day (or even do it for a couple of days to a week), because airfares are always changing. They may go up sometimes but they definitely go down as well.

3. If you’ve found an Airline offering an affordable flight on a Travel Compare website, then go to the Airline’s official website and make the same search. Travel Compare websites take a commission, which they might add on top of the actual cost. So, by checking the Airline’s website with the same search you might just find the same flight for slightly less money.

4. For the same flight, the price will vary depending which Travel Compare website you use. So make sure you are using the right one!

5. Use Tripadvisor. I find that it usually comes up with the goods, provides me with the best deals and is slightly cheaper prices than other Travel Compare websites. Also, the search tools are extremely user-friendly.

Once I am on Tripadvisor I make a search to find the cheapest flight to the destination I am looking to travel to. Once I’ve found the cheapest price they have to offer, whether it be a non-stop, 1 stop or 2 stop, I then start the challenge – Can I find a cheaper route?

6. Look to see what the transfer airports are on the 1 stop flights (These flights are usually the cheapest). Now make two separate searches. One search to the transfer airport and then one from the transfer airport to your destination. On the odd occasion cutting the flight into two separate flights, and buying them separately, is cheaper than buying it as a whole package.

7. If either the searches (from the two separate searches you made in point number 6) comes up with another 1 stop flight, make two separate searches again. One from your departure location to the ‘new’ transfer airport and one from the ‘new’ transfer airport to your destination. This could be cheaper even still!

8. Swap and change the transfer airport until you find the cheapest route.

9. Make a search from the countries surrounding you to your desired destination. Why? Well, 1) it’s usually very cheap for you to get to that country as it’s so close to you and, 2) that country could be a lot less expensive to fly from to your destination. So adding up the cost of the two separate journeys can be more affordable.

10. Use Norwegian and AirAsia Airlines when possible. Obviously you can only use these airlines if they fly to or from the places you want to go to, but I’ve found incredibly low prices with them.

Read some of my ‘How To Travel From…’  posts on my Travel Tips & Advice page and you will see exactly how I found cheaper routes to and from tourist destinations all over the world by applying these tips myself.

If you would like help finding the cheapest and most affordable flights then don’t hesitate to send me a message on my Contact page or leave a comment below. I am more than happy to take the challenge for you! Just tell me your A to B destinations and the cheapest flights you’ve found and I’ll do my magic for you.

Also, if any of this information has been helpful to you then a ‘like‘ or ‘share‘ would be greatly appreciated. Let’s get this information out there!

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Important Note: Some of the points I have raised are only effective on long haul flights. I have also only used these steps when searching for the cheapest one way flights and not on return flights. That said, this does not mean you can’t try!



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