Looking For Cheap Flights? Challenge Me!

Challenge Me

If you are planning your travels across the world and would like help finding the best route to take at the cheapest price, then why not challenge me to find the best deal for you. So let me help you save money! 

All you have to do is send me an email or leave me a comment below with the following information;

  • Departure and/or Return dates
  • Departure & Arrival city
  • Prices you’ve found so far (if any)
  • Your budget/Preferences

I will aim to meet your needs the best I can and not leave you waiting at airports for hours on end. I will send a well laid out itinerary with all the necessary details of the flights, times, costs etc.

If I do a good job, a ‘thanks‘ or a small donation to my site would be greatly appreciated.

Also, share this if you know someone who is looking for their flights!

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5 Responses to Looking For Cheap Flights? Challenge Me!

  1. Fay says:

    Hi, my family of 5 would like to travel to Europe from NYC this summer starting 6-26 and come back on 7/12. The only place that I have to visit is Plitvice Lakes National Park in Crotia. I plan to buy Eurail Pass so the arriving & departing cities in Europe are flexible. The cost is the main factor & shortest time is 2nd. I would prefer NOT to use Newark airport unless it’s substantially cheaper. Thank you very much for your advises!

    • blythed89 says:

      Hi Fay, thanks for your email. I will do my upmost to find you the cheapest and quickest way to your destination. After a quick search, prices on flights go up $100 on the day of your requested departure date, so do you have any flexibility on that? Say, departing on Tue 23rd June instead?

  2. Fay says:

    Thanks for helping me out. I can leave late on Thurs. night (6-26) or on 6-28 if that makes a difference. Thanks again!

  3. blythed89 says:

    Hi Fay,

    I’m not sure what the cheapest deal you found was but when I searched for an all round trip from JFK to Croatia for 5 adults the price came to approx. $7,700 on Tripadvisor and Expedia. So after day and a half of digging this is what I found:

    If you book directly via Norwegian Airlines, you can get a one way flight from New York (JFK) to Zagreb, Croatia with one-stop in Copenhagen on 26 June. For 5 adults (including one 20kg baggage per person) it comes to a total just under $3,000. If you want to save another $100-$200 you can book the same journey/same flights as two separate one way flights (i.e. JFK to Copenhagen, Copenhagen to Zagreb).

    Note: Booking the journey as two separate flights wouldn’t be any riskier than booking it as one journey because either way it’s the same flights. All it means is extra paperwork and reclaiming luggage and re-checking in in Copenhagen, whereas if it was one journey this wouldn’t be necessary.

    For your return, again using Norwegian Airlines, you can fly from either Dubrovnik, Croatia, or Budapest, Hungary to JFK with both the cheapest routes having one stop in Stockholm(ARN) on 12 July. For 5 adults (inc. baggage) this comes to total of $3,000-$3,300 depending on which route you take, Budapest being the cheaper of the two. Once again, booking the journey as two separate flights (Budapest to Stockholm, Stockholm to JFK) will save another $100-$200 and isn’t any riskier.

    So, overall, using my suggestions you could get your flights for under $6,000. If you are taking children/infants then this could be even less, saving you as much as $2,000 based on my initial $7,700 price.

    I hope this is helpful to you and, if you decide to go with my suggestions, please book it as soon as possible because the price will go up or the seats will be gone. Also, I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what you decide to do and how much you end up paying. I put a lot of effort in so I’d like to know if I got you the results you were hoping for.

    All the best and enjoy your holiday,


    • Fay says:

      Hi, Danny,
      Your suggestions are definitely helpful. I would never guess booking the 2 segments separately actually cost less. Since I am buying the Eurail pass, I am thinking to start the trip in Germany or even Netherlands (if you think I would have enough time), travel by rail down to Crotia /Italy area or vice verse. Or start the trip in Switzerland & travel to Crotia/ Italy/ Austria area or vise verse. My itineraries are very flexible. I can fly in / out anywhere as long as I can stop in Crotia for the national park on my travel path. If you have other airports that is cheap to fly in/out one way, please let me know. I know it’s very time consuming, your advises are greatly appreciated. (You don’t even need to find out the exact price, just give me some ideas where to start). Thanks very much!


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