Flight Deals: London To Los Angeles This Autumn For £249

So here’s how to get a one way flight from London to Los Angeles for £249 this Autumn.

I surfed the travel comparison sites for the cheapest flights available to LA and the best I found was around £416 with 2 stops!

Well I’ve got three words for you.

Change at Stockholm!

So you buy two separate flights;

Flight 1: London (LGW) to Arlanda Airport, Stockholm (ARN) = £44

Flight 2: Arlanda Airport, Stockholm (ARN) to Los Angeles (LAX) = £205

Total spent on flights = £249

Total saved on flights = £167

Job done!

I used Tripadvisor’s ‘flights‘ search option with a departure date of 15th September 2014.

If you found this information helpful, well I am glad to be of service. Please don’t forget to share and follow my blog for more posts like this.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the flight!

Important Note: The prices I found, I found on the day of publishing this post. Prices may vary if you’re reading this at a later date. Also, the search dates for flights were at least 6 months in advance and booking flights for earlier dates will also vary.
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